Abacus Securityholder Review & Annual Financial Report 2016 - page 2

abacus property group
At 30 June 2016, Abacus Property Group comprised Abacus Trust, Abacus Income
Trust, Abacus Storage Property Trust, Abacus Group Holdings Limited, Abacus
Group Projects Limited and Abacus Storage Operations Limited.
AGHL has been identified as the parent entity of the Group. The financial reports
of the Group for the year ended 30 June 2016 comprise the consolidated financial
reports of AGHL and its controlled entities, AT and its controlled entities, AGPL
and its controlled entities, AIT and its controlled entities, ASOL and its controlled
entities, ASPT and its controlled entities, Abacus Hospitality Fund and its controlled
entities, Abacus Diversified Income Fund II and its controlled entities and Abacus
Wodonga Land Fund.
Abacus Funds Management
Limited, the responsible entity
of the trusts
Abacus Group Holdings Limited
Abacus Group Projects Limited
Abacus Income Trust
Abacus Property Group
Abacus Storage
Operations Limited
Abacus Storage Property Trust
Abacus Trust
Abacus Property Group
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10 group performance – office
11 group performance – retail
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13 group performance – self-storage
14 group performance – property ventures
and funds management
16 sustainability report
24 board members and senior executive team
27 investor relations, directory and disclaimer
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