Abacus Securityholder Review & Annual Financial Report 2016 - page 6

Our investment objective is to provide our
investors with reliable and increasing returns.
We look for property assets that are capable of
providing growth in:
rental income; and
asset value
as a result of our diligent active management.
We do this through the acquisition, development
and management of property assets by:
taking advantage of our specialised
knowledge and market position as the only
listed core plus investor in the ASX 200 index;
investing in core plus property investments
that are expected to yield 12-15% per annum
equity total returns over time; and
driving value through the Group’s active
management philosophy.
In total Abacus
has over $2.3 billion
of assets under
The Group’s philosophy centres around
three guiding principles that are at the core
of what we do:
Property Acquisition: Underpinned by strong
and consistent investment analysis. What
is important is finding properties that have
realistic prospects for increased capital
growth through active management.
Active Asset Management: Each asset we
acquire has a very specific core plus strategy
that is developed at the time of acquisition.
We have the track record and the experience
in asset management to drive transformational
Investment Realisation: Where appropriate,
we return mature assets to the market and
redeploy realised capital into the next
generation of higher growth opportunities.
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abacus strategy
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